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Our Painters Technique

Our Painters use Airless Spray, Roll and brush, depending on the finish our customers want. All paint we use is water based and hybrid paints, for areas water based paints cannot be used because of its previous finish we apply hybrids which will allow us to give the desired finish to your surfaces our painters are allowed to use the best products without questioning doesn't matter if the cost of the job is high or low we provide quality. Our painters will cover floors and furniture to ensure everything is nice and clean and protected by the time we finish the job. Our painters prepare surfaces, seal cracks, sand walls and apply primer when needed. We repair your walls giving a nice and smooth finish.

Our Panting Price

Affordable costs starting at just $150 per job.Our cost depends directly on the difficulty and amount of work to be done. We always give the best cost, being absolutely fair to our customers so we can establish a good reciprocal relationship

Know more About our Painters

We are properly licensed by the state of California, Our goal is to make your home or workplace look just the way you’ve always want at the right cost, in our company the main policy is to keep our costumers always happy with our work and the reason is simple, a happy costumer means a good recommendation and we want to work hard for it, we charge about the same as an unlicensed painter so why to take the risk when we offer you comfortability and ease during your project?

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